Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vocal Headshots

I was recently contacted by a friend from high school who was panicking that she needed some photos done as soon as possible. She's applying to grad school for vocal performance and part of the application is a headshot and full body shot. Growing up around the performing arts I knew what kind of photo she was looking for and was pleased for the opportunity to keep improving my portrait skills.

We both were unsure of the full body photo and decided to work through that pretty early in the shoot. It was hard to find a pose that was natural and showed off her physique and personality. Her dress had pockets which helped her to fall into a natural stance.

It took me a while to figure out exactly how I wanted to light her but once I got comfortable with a set up I added some color to show her off more and hopefully pop out from the background.

For the headshot I was looking for something tight, clean and with her face well lit to show off her features. Went through a whole set of images not pleased with my light. When I laid a mirror down on the table that she was gently leaning on it brought helped the light to fill in some features I felt were missing. We both loved the result.

She had mentioned during the shoot that she liked her blue eyes and was hoping her blue dress would bring them out so a blue gel was the perfect addition to many of my images. Here's my favorite image.

It was another adventure in my portrait work and I am starting to get better at vocalizing what I would like my subject to do and where I need the lights for the look I'm going for. Anxious to try again.

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