Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I was sent to cover an event at a small park in the middle of a city block. A group of college students are working to improve the park, with the help of the kids who spend their afternoons there.
Since I had a large amount of time I could spend at the park and I wanted to make interesting photos I thought about some suggestions from the critique I had at the end of my internship. One of the suggestions I was given was that I could be edgier with some of my photos, to be more daring about how I shot them. I always am looking for unique angles but today I tried to think about taking it to the next level. I tried more angles, played with light, and in camera crops.
This photo I really like the angle but I'm not positive on the crop. I unfortunately don't have any more of the boys head which would help to complete the image.

I liked the colors of the mural on the wall as several of the boys raked the leaves. I didn't submit this photo for the paper because I couldn't make a decision on how I felt about the photo since you can't see the boys face.


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