Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Guard Memorial

On Sunday I photographed the 28th Infantry Division Memorial Service at the National Memorial Shrine in Boalsburg. It is said that Memorial Day originated in Boalsburg, so there are many events that happen on the grounds of the Military Museum and the memorials.

This photo ran front page and is by far my favorite photograph from the day. National Guard soldiers carry wreaths to hang on the memorials.

MG Randall Marchi and MG Wesley E. Craig salute after hanging a wreath on the cross honoring the Keystone divisions as smoke from the twenty-one gun salute rises above the crowd.

Boots support a rifle, with hanging dog tags and helmet to honor those who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Checking out the apache.

The blackhawk taking off over the crowd and museum.

I didn't submit these at work, but I liked them too. I always like finding interesting reflections, and sousaphones always make great ones. If you look closely you can see the the boy scouts and girls scouts standing at the crosses after they hung the wreaths on them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shawn and Maria's Wedding

Over the weekend I photographed Shawn and Maria's wedding. This is the second wedding I've photographed and I'm getting better, but there is still so much to learn! Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Shawn at the hotel several hours till the ceremony and nervous, but looking sharp.

Then to the church to meet the gorgeous bride Maria and her bridesmaids.

Beautiful greek orthodox church.

Mr. and Mrs. Long!

The wedding and reception had a 1920s theme, had to show off the guys shoes.

The rain held off for a few outdoor photos and few quiet moments for just the bride and groom.

Traditional greek dancing at the reception led to many great photos, and this one stood out to me to show how fast they go. It's amazing everyone knows all the steps and what to do, but I had to be careful to not get closed in!

Congratulations Shawn and Maria!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Announcement of bin Laden's death

It was a quiet Sunday night, I was laying around in comfy clothes flipping channels when the news broke that Osama bin Laden had been killed. As I watched the news and the events unfold I had this uncomfortable feeling. I didn't know how I felt on the situation and thought it was odd the way things were being worded and the way the event was being handled. I watched as my facebook mini feed started to swarm with status updates, and many of them involving downtown State College were a crowd of students were gathering. I ran upstairs changed and out the door with my gear. I spent several hours with the students as they filled the street and apartment balconies. At one point I spotted the photographer who was working that night so decided to work more on video since he'd have stills.

This was my favorite still from the night.

And with the quickest video edit ever to get it up on our website as the early hours of the morning rolled on, here is my video collage.

NCAA Semi Finals

I photographed the NCAA Men's Volleyball Semi-finals in Penn State's Rec Hall last week. I only got to the first match between UC Santa Barbara and USC with a few points left in the winning set.

This hit was the set point that led UC Santa Barbara to the finals. I enjoy how anxious and excited the team looks in the background.

Penn State played Ohio State in the second game, but since the late start and I was on deadline I only got to cover the first set.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've been going through lots of photos and things stashed on my external hard drive this evening and stumbled across this photo. I used my Dad as my subject as I tested the lights in his studio before doing a portrait shoot of a friend back in November.

Volleyball add ons

I was looking through things from the volleyball game again and stumbled across two additional shots that I like.


It had been a while since I covered volleyball so it took me the first few points to warm up and be back into the swing of things. It's so nice to cover it in a well lit gym!

Specifically for a story on the libero, which I'm understanding the rules to more and more.

Favorite from the night.