Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Guard Memorial

On Sunday I photographed the 28th Infantry Division Memorial Service at the National Memorial Shrine in Boalsburg. It is said that Memorial Day originated in Boalsburg, so there are many events that happen on the grounds of the Military Museum and the memorials.

This photo ran front page and is by far my favorite photograph from the day. National Guard soldiers carry wreaths to hang on the memorials.

MG Randall Marchi and MG Wesley E. Craig salute after hanging a wreath on the cross honoring the Keystone divisions as smoke from the twenty-one gun salute rises above the crowd.

Boots support a rifle, with hanging dog tags and helmet to honor those who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Checking out the apache.

The blackhawk taking off over the crowd and museum.

I didn't submit these at work, but I liked them too. I always like finding interesting reflections, and sousaphones always make great ones. If you look closely you can see the the boy scouts and girls scouts standing at the crosses after they hung the wreaths on them.

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