Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Night State College

This is my first New Years Eve in State College and I got to cover the festivities in town. The Central Pennsylvania Arts Fest sponsors the First Night State College festival which features Ice Sculptures, concerts, resolution exhibits and more.

Started out with the large ice sculptures that were still having their finishing touches added.

In the parklet visitors could speed down the Russian Ice Slide. Looked like a lot of fun, I was jealous I didn't get a chance to go down!

This mother helps her 5 month old son bang the gong to ring in the new year.

"Dress up Go Out" was the suggestion this youngster got from the wheel of fate.

Visitors could write regrets, or resolutions onto fabric and pin it to the burning man sculpture. Later in the night he'll be set a flame.

The festival is a unique experience for people of all ages.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Donation

On Christmas Eve I didn't photograph a typical commercialized story with Santa and presents. It was a special holiday story, full of the spirit of giving and helping others. I photographed a gentleman who was donating platelets. He's been donating blood and platelets for over twenty years, and always makes a special effort to do so on the holidays when most people get too busy to stop in to donate. In addition to his donation on Christmas Eve, he has an appointment for New Years Eve also.

It was an uplifting and fun assignment (besides my one squeamish to blood moment) to photograph to start off my holidays.

Friday, December 23, 2011


With high school winter sports underway and being wrapped up with basketball and wrestling I forgot that there is hockey too! I enjoy covering hockey, even with the difficulties that the Penn State Ice Pavilion has.

For the first period I stood on the ladder that's the only way to shoot over the glass, and not through a net. State high was defending the end I was on.

For the second period I went up top, where you have to shoot through a net, but are able to get the players on breakaways coming right at you.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

PSU Hoops

When college basketball started in November I felt like I was a little rusty on the sport. It's a big change of pace from football games and most fall sports that are on a big field and the players are more spread out. Now that the season is well on it's way I'm feeling a lot more confident and finding the sport a lot of fun to photograph. Today's game against Mount St. Mary's was close in the first half, then the Lions took off in the second to win, 72-43.

Basketball games are also filled with fun crowd contests. Usually I laugh as I watch the contestants scurry around the court, or couples smooch on the kiss cam. Today's contests was to cute not to photograph, as two kids raced to put on a Penn State uniform, several sizes too big, and dribble down the court.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Speak Out, We Will Listen

In the wake of the Sandusky sexual abuse scandal State College is still trying to sort out emotions and make sense of all the things that have occurred. There have been candle light vigils, support groups, and over a weekend, the dedication of a new mural to honor and support the victims of sexual abuse. Members of the Lenape Tribe gathered to perform a smudging ritual of purification, healing and peace to the mural that now hangs in down town State College. The tradition uses the smoke from a white sage mixture and an eagle feather.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Penn State Basketball

The Penn State men's basketball team took on Lafayette tonight at the Bryce Jordan Center. The stands were empty, but Lafayette, from the small Patriot League, brought their A game and won 61-57.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Polar Plunge

Jumping into 37 degree water on a brisk thirty degree morning doesn't seem like the best idea to me, but for a good cause over 100 people did on Saturday morning. All the money raised from the plungers will benefit the local YMCA.

For the first time this year they had a "Little Dippers" category that had kids run into the water and back out.

The next group were the super plungers, who had to run in, go under, run out and then back in, for a total of three times.

Some dressed up in costumes, and some in swim suits, but no matter what the attire the reaction to the water was the same.

This two brave guys did the plunge a total of 6 times, each time swimming out to the rope and back. You can still see the fog and steam lifting off of the lake.

I was chilly with my jacket and gloves on standing on the dock, but maybe next year I'll be more brave and take the plunge instead of cover the event.