Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! (sorry it's a day late)

I've decided that Halloween and I have a love hate relationship.
Earlier in the month I had to photograph several haunted attractions in the area. Including one that is ranked #1 haunted attraction in America. That day, I decided I hated Halloween as it was impossible to think about my job and making photos amid jumping and screaming.

Yesterday I loved Halloween. The annual Halloween parade in Allentown was full of cute kids in costumes and excited faces as they scrambled for free candy. I found it difficult to photograph the parade because getting names meant I had to awkwardly march along with them down the parade route. I was glad that before the parade I headed to the meeting spot for all the groups and was able to capture the last minute costume details.

Leroy Piggy was not pleased with his owners choice of costume, but he can smell drugs on a person, or even underground, and has 14 vocalizations to let humans know what he smells.

As the parade kicked off the grand marshal had a great expression, I'm curious as to what was so funny.

What's a parade without the shriners and their tiny honking cars?

I ended up walking almost the entire 2 mile parade route as I followed certain groups in the parade and looked for great costumes watching the parade. It was a tiring assignment as I hiked back to my car, but filled with some great smiles.

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