Monday, October 25, 2010

Emotion 2

As I was hoping I was given the opportunity to cover one of the high school championship games. Mid afternoon on a beautiful fall day for boys soccer Colonial League Championships and to continue my focus on the emotion that goes into the game. The game was high intensity with some dirtier playing then I'd seen earlier in the season. This was perfect for what I was working with since the players were constantly right against each other fighting for the ball. I'm having a hard time deciding which photo I liked the best for intensity but the flying of the shaggy hair in this made it a favorite.

Where the game was played also helped greatly with my photos since there is a wooded area that lines the majority of the one side of the field. I was pleased to see how the dark trees in the background drop off and helps the focus on the faces and expressions of the athletes.

With three minutes left to go in a tied game Southern Lehigh scored and celebrated within a clear view of where I was positioned. I had several photos in the sequence as more players ran over but I think this one shows the excitement the best, and the face of the kid who scored the goal, #10.

I was slightly disappointed when the team didn't pile up in celebration on the field at the end of the game, but was still pleased with another game that led to some great expressions.

I am pleased with my action and reaction shots lately and am planning to start shooting more overall scene setters at sporting events. I'm thinking some photos of the crowd, coaches and bench will help to round out my story, so stay tuned.

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