Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Lights Overrated?

Why can't all high school football games be played on Saturday afternoons? Last night, at 7 o'clock, with fluorescent stadium lights and too muddy of a field to kneel. Not to mention that it was in the low 50's, with winds so strong it ripped the cheerleaders poster before the team did. With the the poor lighting and the majority of the players not looking up very often it resulted in many dark faces and difficulty in stopping the action.

Luckily quarterbacks have to look up to find an open teammate to pass to so I had enough light on his face to make for a cleaner photo.

Now in contrast to last night's game today was perfect. Gorgeous sunny fall afternoon. Game started at two so the sun wasn't directly above the field anymore which gave nice light depending on the direction of the play. The ground was a lot better today so I could kneel for a better angle. (and almost get run over) Also I got to test out my teleconverter that I bought a few weeks back but haven't had the opportunity to use because at night games I couldn't afford to loose two f/stops.

My favorite shot from today's game and the play that if I would have taken two more frames I would probably be in a lot of pain writing this...

So in the end I think Friday night lights isn't as great as all those movies make it sound and more teams should start considering Saturday sunlight more.

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