Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the beginning

So I have decided to start this blog. I will do my best to keep things consistent and exciting, or at least interesting. Maybe you'll check in here and there, or incessantly keep tabs on my photo career, either one is fine with me.
For now the majority of the photos will come from my current adventures, which include freelancing for the Allentown Morning Call, and the start of my portrait photography career.
I attended a seminar by photographer David Ziser in Philadelphia on Tuesday night with my good friend Bree. Caved and purchased his Zumbrella, aka an umbrella he designed to use for all his portraits... Ziser + umbrella = Zumbrella.
Tried it out with the help of some other burrowed equipment and here are some of my favorites...
The zumbrella is a 43'' white umbrella which I think gave off a nice soft light in my first try with it. Now I just need to invest in some pocket wizards...

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