Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PIAA AAAA Semi-finals

Tonight I covered the PIAA class AAAA boys' basketball semi finals. The game was held at one of our local high schools since it was the half way point for both of the teams. Basketball isn't very big in Centre County, and as I pulled up to the building to an empty parking lot I figured it wouldn't be a big game.

I was wrong.

The guy at the door chuckled as he let me in, saying one of the schools brought 14 buses of fans. As I walked into the normally subdued gym, I was amazed. One side, all boys, clad in orange and white for Cathedral Prep, and the other side, a co-ed section of fans head to toe in black for Lower Merion. The game started out intense, till Lower Merion took a lead that Prep could not catch up to. The cheering continued through the game at a very entertaining level.

I was there to cover the winning team for our preview for the State Championships this weekend in the Bryce Jordan Center.

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