Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away

March in Centre County has never been so gorgeous! This week with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and the sun shining it has been difficult for me to get off my deck and go to work. So when I've been out on assignments I've taken the long route to where I parked my car which has allowed my photographic juices to get flowing (and some extra vitamin D). Here are a few images I've snapped this week that aren't my normal photojournalism.

As I cut through the Hintz Alumni Center gardens towards my car after photographing a science lab in a near by building, the iron archways caught my attention. I've walked through this garden hundreds of times as a student and being in town, it's a nice area to look at the ducks and just relax, but I never noticed the flower detail before.

Yesterday afternoon I was out adventuring the county photographing township owned bridges that are falling apart. They are in disparate need of repair to be up to Penn Dot standards. This is one of the rusted posted of a bridge in Spring Mills.

As I walked back to my car in a stone parking lot near another bridge in Benner Township this old train platform caught my attention. I liked that the sign said please and thank you.

Next to the platform was a tanker trailer all rusted but still proudly displaying it's vehicle number.

Being distracted for a few minutes to takes some images of the tanker ended up being a good thing also. A farmer who uses the bridge I had been photographing was on his way home and stopped to chat with me, and I ended up getting my first contribution byline on a front page story. So come on mother nature, keep the nice weather and my photographic eye going!

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