Monday, December 6, 2010

Music Awards

Last night I was assigned to photograph the Lehigh Valley Music Awards. The concept of the show is pretty neat, honoring musicians and bands from the area in an awards show style like the Grammy's. The show ended up taking hours and they were way behind schedule but it was fun to cover with some interesting people there and some great music.

This year was the first out of the 12 years of the awards that a dance company performed.

Sid Bernstein, who is 92 years old, was a special awards winner and honorary guest. This is the man responsible for bring the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to America, in addition to being the first person to book rock concerts in sports stadiums.

Kevin Mackie just got nominated for a Grammy last week. He is the brains and producer behind an album of spoken word to raise money for healthy foods in schools. The album is geared for children and adults.

Wailing Waters, with lead singer Tyler Grady were the big winners of the night. With how far behind schedule the show was I was pushing deadline waiting for their performance. I hung out with them for a while backstage as they warmed up so I would have some photos as backup. Luckily I got to wait for the performance which I was very pleased about since the warmup photos were taken in a prop closet. The guys are a little younger then me and were very friendly to work with. Tyler Grady was recently a finalist on American Idol.

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