Monday, June 18, 2012

Sandusky Trial Continues

The trial for Jerry Sandusky continued through the week and I was back at the court house for my shift on Thursday, the fourth day of court.  We started to pick up on patterns of what was going to happen at certain times and how some things were being handled.

As I hung around waiting a car pulled up and several familiar faces got out.  I recognized the Centre County Commissioners who must have stopped by to see what all the hype was.

When the gray van pulled up to the door we knew a witness was going to be coming out.  The witnesses have been kept very secretive and hide themselves from the media as they leave, and most of us prefer that, since we don't want to identify the young men.

The prosecution brought out their files as court was adjourned for the day, and would take Friday and the weekend off.

The jurors have been transported to and from the courthouse to also avoid the media.

I was surprised when out of the tunnel came one of Sandusky's attorneys, boxes of files in hand, a stogie and a grin.

Through much of the week Sandusky has not looked upset, or as if the trial is taking a toll on him.  Thursday he finally had a moment, that lasted about 3 seconds, where he placed his hand on his head and turned away from the cameras.  

Sandusky's main attorney, Amendola has been very chatty and full of smiles through the entire trial also, as you can see his reflection in the mirror joking with an officer.

Back to court on Monday as the proceedings will continue.

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