Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zac and Kerri

I had a friend from high school, Kerri, message me about an idea she had for her upcoming wedding. As a personal touch to the table numbers her and her fiance thought of places around State College that meant something to them, and each table would represent these places. To welcome guests at each table they will find a photo of Zac and Kerri in each of these places, holding a sign that is the table number. I loved the idea and we spent one Saturday afternoon running all around the Penn State campus and downtown.

Of course the first stop, and what will be the head table at the wedding, the lion shrine.

Mmmm the creamery.

In addition to each location I tried to have the couple posed in a different way to add more character to each photo. Let's go STATE! Outside the entrance to the student section.

We also stopped to do a few nice photos since they hadn't had engagement photos done.

Hintz Alumni center has so many great spots to photograph including these large white columns.

And of course, the ring!

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