Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rising Stars

I have been anxious to blog these photos for several weeks but was waiting for them to be published first. This year we did a special section, titled Rising Stars, about outstanding graduating seniors from around the area. I met with 4 of the 11 students (11 for 2011) to take their portraits. I tried to incorporate activities they were involved with and show who they were. The first photo of each person is the image that was published, and then there are a few extra shots that I liked.

Catherine is a lacrosse player and a dancer who had a large involvement with the Best Buddies program and student senate.

Chelsea was a varsity cheerleader, was Miss Foliage 2010 and got accepted into a very elite nursing program.

I tried three different locations trying to get this photo the way I wanted it. We were having difficulties with mother nature, the winds were strong and the sun was very bright. The first attempt at this photo Chelsea had hair across her face, the second attempt was on cement and there were to many smashed pieces of gum and I thought the gray was too dull, and this was our third attempt. I'm not sold on the shadows from the tree, but the tree helped for her to be able to smile and not be squinting with the sun.

Kip was class president and a football player is will be attending the Air Force Academy.

Sara who was the drum major and involved in all the musical groups the school had to offer, is also a go-kart racer on the weekends.

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