Friday, January 6, 2012


I rarely say I have New Years resolutions, but this year I've been thinking about a lot of things which has resulted in three resolutions. A personal one, a health one, and a work one. For work I've decided I need to learn more about lighting. I received a book for Christmas which I haven't gotten a chance to dive into yet, and I am hoping to read more blogs and talk to other photographers to get a better grasp of lighting for great photos.

To start out I tried to light my first high school sport of the year. State High's gym is one of the worst lit gyms in the county and I cover sports there very often. I currently only have the set up for one light, which made this first attempt more difficult then planned. There is a track that circles the top of the gymnasium, so I set up a light up top, and decided to shoot from the track since I'd be working through the settings. I had difficulties placing the light in just the right place to avoid it getting obstructed by the back of the hoop. I didn't get as many images as I would have liked, and the shadows were very harsh. Additionally my flash wasn't recharging as fast as I would like it to since I'm used to being able to fire off several frames in a row. (A new set of batteries was probably needed too!) It's a work in progress, I'll try again next time, but for now here are a few successful images.

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