Friday, July 15, 2011


This week in Centre county is Fest week. There are three arts festivals, all in our coverage area.

I first visited the Heritage Days festival in Philipsburg. This is the smallest of the festivals, and is more of a local event then an art show.

Delicious watermelon eating contest for the kids.

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is the biggest show going on and it has hundreds of artists from all over the country. The festival spans through downtown State College and around the Penn State campus.

This artist only creates his works while he is at festivals. When I stopped to photograph him at around 4 in the afternoon he had already completed 26 mobiles that day.

"Arts fest is the best tradition of the summer," this woman from Pittsburgh told me.

Adorable little girl dancing to the jazz group Slide Zone in the parklet.

People's Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts is the last festival we cover that takes place on the military museum grounds in Boalsburg.

This gentleman has been carving for about 30 years and free carves everything.

There are two more days of festing to go, so more photos to come!

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